Framing Insitu

We loved installing this framed Marimekko fabric for a customer today! This fabric was first stretched as a canvas, then placed within a black reverse frame, to give the effect of a shadow line. Hung in a light filled staircase, this custom piece will bring colour and drama to a unique space, paired with a perfect pendant […]

Bespoke Framing

Why fill your wall space with only two-dimensional artworks? Decorate with objects, mementos, strange souvenirs or textiles; there are endless possibilites when it comes to framing, and we are more than happy to discuss whatever projects you may have in mind. We recently framed a pair of Papua New Guinean shell necklaces in a simple […]

The Best Picture Framing Ideas for Your Cherished Prints, Photos, and Artworks!

Choosing a frame that works for your piece of art, photo, or prints is as personal as selecting the piece itself! We all know what makes picture framing look unsightly, but the real question is, what can complement and even enhance the loved object or image? Key questions for picture framing are to consider, first, where you […]

The Joy of Custom Picture Framing and Reasons Why it’s Worth it!

It’s an odd use of the phrase, isn’t it? “The Joy of Custom Picture Framing”, but that’s exactly why you choose to take your artwork to art framing professionals – to be part of the process. By utilising their guidance and expertise, you can enjoy the process of choosing the picture frame to suit and […]