Custom Shower Screen For Designer Bathrooms

For a bathroom tight on space, custom shower screens are critical to maximising the use of the room. The size of the shower doesn’t have to take over, ensuring your bathroom to be held to the highest standards. The results are varied, but nearly always result in a luxurious, contemporary finish. Also, you can solve those tricky design issues of matching shower frames with those unique, vintage tiles you picked up.

You don’t have limit your space with custom shower screens – they can completely transform the area, as not to disrupt the flow and design. Large bathrooms also look fantastic with glass shower frames, especially sleek finishes in modern minimalist spaces.

Excellent ideas for shower screens could be to use a single piece of glass to corner off the shower head next to the bath or create your own shower zone in the room. Think about whether you want to be able to use the shower and tub at the same time, or whether space dictates them together. The area still has a designer feel and showcases all your carefully thought-through aspects. The fantastic element of these is that everything can be custom made so that it truly fits your space.

Both in a traditional and modern bathroom, clear glass framing can suit due to its complete invisibility. However, remember to keep this in mind when designing the layout as not create a safety concern! Custom shower screens can also be used for privacy in the bathroom, opting for frosted or acid-etched glass. A lovely design idea for a modern room is to have the lower half frosted but leave the top clear as not to compromise the light. Or, you could pick an elegant design you love, printed on the glass.

The glass is easy to clean compared to shower curtains, and the style difference is huge – it contemporises your home with one fix. No frame also means fewer nooks and crannies to reduce your weekly cleaning schedule! An effortless squeegee after showering equals an always clean shower screen.

A custom shower screen can make a massive difference in bathrooms that need it most; no unsightly, chunky showers to take up space and block light!

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