Formglaze Treatment

We are so proud of our glass work, we want it being protected and looking new for longer (it is our best advertisement). Let us apply our Formglaze protective coating after we have finished installing your shower screen, splashback or glass balustrade – you will be amazed at the results. At Artform, we believe only a professional application such as the one we offer is your guarantee of easier-to-clean and well-protected glass.

Cut down your cleaning time!

Formglaze protective coating was originally developed for the Japanese nuclear industry to reduce the corrosive effects of calcium in the reactor cooling pipes. With this technology, let us help protect your glass and other surfaces. Our onsite service applies an invisible coating to your glass, protecting it against etching (a cloudy appearance), corrosion and staining. Easy to clean, the unique qualities of our coating make cleaning 90% easier, quicker and safer, much the same as cleaning a Teflon frying pan. Because of this, it reduces your cleaning time and costs. Once applied, there is no need to use harsh chemicals.

Help your glass look great for years to come

Help save the environment. To clean your glass, all you will need is a biodegradable detergent and a loofah-type, very soft scourer, No more toxic chemicals being washed down the drain, into our waterways. Formglaze comes with a 5-year guarantee because our product bonds permanently to your glass. No top-ups or aftercare regime necessary. To the best of our knowledge, no other product of its type offer any guarantees. The manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee (on new glass), with accelerated tests showing only an 18% efficiency loss after 15 years. Enquire today and let us show you how we can cut your down cleaning time and help your glass look great for years to come.

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No More Guess Work

Afraid to make the wrong call with your glass decisions?

Artform Collective is different to most glass suppliers; we have a massive showroom open six days a week, with designers and glaziers on hand, ready to give you colour, design and compliance advice. What’s more, large samples are available for all our customers to try at home. See what that colour really looks like in the nighttime and daylight in your kitchen. Just pop in and visit us. Meantime, why not use our Colour Sampler to see how some of the amazing colours we have look in-situ?