Framing FAQ

Yes, we love to frame objects that are unusual. They can be framed in a lot of different ways. Most commonly used are box frames to achieve a three-dimensional effect.

This is a commonly asked question. As every artwork is different and each frame, mat and glass combination is different, we encourage clients to come into our showroom for an obligation-free quote.

Yes, for a small additional charge we can pick up and deliver.

Yes, our expert team can come to you, help advise you with any decisions that need to be made and install artwork and mirrors.

Yes, glass ranges from clear float in varying thicknesses to non-reflective glass, UV70 (invisible glass), to conservation and museum glass. We can also use acrylic/Perspex if an object requires it.

The most obvious answer is that this border enhances the look of the artwork, creating space for it to “breathe” before the wall begins. Another benefit of matboards is that it simply keeps the glass off the face of your artwork, protecting it from adhering to the glass.

There are a lot of matboard options, including budget or commercial mats, buffered, acid-free mats, rag mats and museum-quality mats. These mats come in a myriad of colours and styles, from flat colours, mottled and speckled, suede and linen, with many more in between!

Bring in you canvas and material and allow us to cut and join a customised stretcher frame for your item, then stretch/staple your object to it. After this is complete, we are able to attach a hanging system to the back, ready for you to place on a hook at home.

We can frame extremely large artworks and mirrors because we have a large onsite workshop with experienced framers.

Yes, with our onsite workshop and experienced framers, we can keep control of budget and timeframe that work needs to be completed by.

We do basic artwork cleaning here but we also work with a very experienced local conservator who is generally able to clean, conserve and repair most artwork.

The timeframe depends on the complexity of job. Most artwork take between one and two weeks to complete, but if something is needed quicker than this, please just ask at the beginning of your consultation and we will do our best to accommodate.

We have a large range of ready-made frames and can cut matboards to allow your artwork to fit these standard sizes.

Our framing is all done on site at Mona Vale. Occasionally we get speciality mounters offsite to help us with over-size jobs.