Memorabilia Framing

Make your memories come alive!

At Artform, we have vast experience in framing football jerseys, cricket bats, medals, flags and other three-dimensional objects. To protect the object from airborne dirt and dust, a box or shadow frame is generally used. The depth of this frame allows glass to be mounted in the rebate at the top, whilst the jersey, bat or object is mounted to the back of frame. Spacers are then used to separate the glass from the object. We love working with local clubs to frame end-of-year gifts for presentations or awards. From football, soccer, surfing and basketball to baseball clubs, just bring in the item and a little imagination and we can help transform the object into an amazing gift ready for any presentation.


Memorabilia can come in all shapes and sizes; for example, masks brought back from Venice or Africa, fossils from an excavation or even a christening gown that has been retired from use. We love to find interesting and special ways to present and preserve all memories. In the past 25 years, we have framed many unusual artefacts, including Olympic torches, hand-woven fabrics, swords, statues and necklaces.

End-of-year gifts or presentation awards

Football jerseys, T-shirts and singlets can be framed to suit all budgets. We offer simple framing with a single matboard, to complicated framing with several mats. Why not incorporate photos or tickets in the frame to help tell the story of your piece? Engraved plaques can also be added, helping the viewer understand the piece they are looking at. Medals are a great favourite and can be mounted along with photos and plaques, making each frame as unique and as special as the story attached to it. Come into our showroom and have a chat with one of our consultants about this type of speciality framing, where we can advise and help make your memories come alive on the wall!




let us worry about the details

Don’t struggle with hanging your artwork and mirrors

Why struggle with measurements, artwork and mirror placement or heavy lifting? Do you want to avoid the usual disagreements in your home? Let one of our experienced tradespeople handle the installation of your framing and mirrors. We’ll bring all the necessary fittings, and we’ll even take care of the mess. Find out why choosing Artform Collective will make a huge difference to your renovation – big or small.