Mirror Framing

Create space and style

The choice to frame a mirror helps tie together other furniture selections by reflecting colours or styles already in a property. The shape, size or quantity can also create a focal piece, simultaneously making the room appear bigger or the ceiling higher. Combining several framed mirrors on one wall makes the space and reflection very interesting. Artform has framed mirrors ready for installation in our showroom, or by customising a unique framed mirror we can create something that is exactly the size required. By combining a few mouldings, we can build a truly unique product that reflects colours or textures already present in your room.

Four mirror frames by Artform Collective hanging on a wall.
A mirror framed on a wall by Artform Collective with a desk & chandelier.

Reflect your room’s style and personality

Adding a thoughtfully designed framed mirror to your modern bathroom softens the space, whilst providing a feature that reflects personality. We have a huge selection of frames to choose from, whether you’re adding a rustic coastal-inspired mirror to your dining room or a metallic colour frame to your hallway or mantle, a dress mirror, or a large framed mirror that leans against a wall with a modern shadow-box style frame. All frames can be finished with a plain or bevelled edge mirror installed. You can also choose from a silver, grey or bronze tinted mirror. With such an enormous range for sale, either straight from the showroom or getting Artform to build a uniquely framed mirror, our consultants are ready to help and advise you on making the best choice.




Framed images in loungeroom black and grey style

let us worry about the details

Don’t struggle with hanging your artwork and mirrors

Why struggle with measurements, artwork and mirror placement or heavy lifting? Do you want to avoid the usual disagreements in your home? Let one of our experienced tradespeople handle the installation of your framing and mirrors. We’ll bring all the necessary fittings, and we’ll even take care of the mess. Find out why choosing Artform Collective will make a huge difference to your renovation – big or small.