Custom Mirrors

Bring light, space and functionality to your room with a custom mirror

Need to bring some light into a space? Want to reflect a stunning view? Artform has been creating and designing custom-made mirrors for nearly 25 years. Mirrors can be made to size, with choices that include gauge, tint and edge finishing. Our showroom consultants will be able to advise you on which choice would be both aesthetically pleasing and structurally safe within glazing standards. Our custom mirrors can be supplied or installed, framed or unframed, and all made to suit the space you need.


At Artform, we can put one of our mirrors in every room of your property. Whether it’s a fresh mirror for your bathroom, a dress mirror for your wardrobe, large mirrors for your gym or even a new wing mirror for your car, we have something for just about anywhere. Safety and design are paramount in what we do, so be assured that whatever product you need, we will be able to provide you with something stylish that adheres to all current Australian glazing standards.

Mirrors for every room in your property

Artform has made custom mirrors for many home and commercial fitness spaces, such as gyms, pilates studios, ballet studios and more. Let us take care of measuring and installation for a seamless and stress-free project. Framed or unframed mirrors for the home can be glued to the wall or mechanically fixed by one of our experienced installers. If you happen to break your car’s wing mirror, one of our tradespeople can replace it relatively inexpensively, and the same goes for broken glass in clocks and shaped frames. Come to our large showroom to speak with one of our consultants about your next project, big or small!




no more guess work

Afraid to make the wrong call with your glass decisions?

Artform Collective is different to most glass suppliers; we have a massive showroom open six days a week, with designers and glaziers on hand, ready to give you colour, design and compliance advice. What’s more, large samples are available for all our customers to try at home. See what that colour really looks like in the nighttime and daylight in your kitchen. Just pop in and visit us. Meantime, why not use our Colour Sampler to see how some of the amazing colours we have look in-situ?