Window Glass Repairs

Many homes still contain annealed or untoughened float glass in areas such as hinged doors, sliding and low-level glass. These areas are subject to human impact. Running kids and toddlers can easily fall into these areas, suffering severe injuries. Australian Safety Standards are updating all the time. Luckily, there are many safety products available, including toughened and laminated glass. These types of glass can come in various tints or even performance-coated variants, offering UV protection.

Cracked Glass Is Dangerous!

There are several reasons to have new glass fitted in your existing windows, side lights and doors. Is your current glass coloured or patterned? We can replace it with more modern, stylish glass. Does your glass comply with current Australian Standards? Or is it an older style that is neither toughened nor laminated? Or has your window or door’s glass simply been smashed? In most cases, the glass can be easily changed without any structural work. At Artform, we can help you select new glass that looks both modern and fresh and is safe for your whole family.

Update Your Tired Old Coloured Glass

Amber or coloured glass was popular in the ’60s and ’70s, as well as patterned glass. The intention of this glass was to provide privacy and to cast a yellow light, in keeping with the style of house that was built back then. Fashions change and so do building trends, and this old glass no longer looks modern or fresh. The most popular type of glass now used is white translucent laminated glass. It is a privacy glass that transmits a fresh, bright light into the home, whilst offering a greenish-white appearance. Come into Artform’s showroom and see what a modern glass replacement can do to freshen the look of your place.

Glass Products Gallery

No More Guess Work

Afraid to make the wrong call with your glass decisions?

Artform Collective is different to most glass suppliers; we have a massive showroom open six days a week, with designers and glaziers on hand, ready to give you colour, design and compliance advice. What’s more, large samples are available for all our customers to try at home. See what that colour really looks like in the nighttime and daylight in your kitchen. Just pop in and visit us. Meantime, why not use our Colour Sampler to see how some of the amazing colours we have look in-situ?