3 Tips When Considering a Custom Frameless Shower Screen

There’s no better way to modernise your bathroom than replacing your tired shower screen with a custom frameless shower screen cut to size to fit your exact specifications.

Before diving in and placing an order for a custom shower screen however, there are a few points to consider to make sure the end result is the exact look and the exact fit you’re after.

Glass shower screen safety should be a priority

When having a frameless shower screen installed it is important to make sure only the highest quality glass is used.

To meet Australian standards frameless shower screens must meet the standard AS/NZS 2208. This is to minimise the risk of injury as a result of human impact. In layman’s terms the standard ensures the glass is sturdy enough to be safely used in your home.

At Artform our frameless shower screens use toughened glass to meet the rigorous Australian standards giving you peace of mind that your family can shower safely within your new shower unit.

See an example shower screen for yourself

Before ordering a custom glass shower screen or booking in a glazier to install one in your bathroom, it is a good idea to see an example with your own eyes.

The two main items you will want to eyeball for yourself are the type of glass that will be used and the fixing hardware that will be used when your frameless shower screen is installed.

When it comes to glass shower screens, not all glass looks the same. At Artform we have two types of glass to choose from.

The first option is our standard glass. Our standard toughened glass is very clear and looks like the glass you will typically see in most bathrooms. If you’re looking for a custom touch in your bathroom however, our Ultra-Clear range of shower glass eliminates the greenish cast that is a feature of standard glass and provides a crystal clear effect.

When it comes to hardware there are two options for mounting the glass shower screens in your bathroom. The first is a hinged fixing and the second is a channel that the glass is slotted into to hold it in place.

Both look very different which makes it a great idea to see them in person. Not to mention the large range of hardware finishes to choose from.

At Artform we have a large showroom located in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Our showroom has a range of frameless shower screen examples allowing you to see and feel the end result for yourself before having your own custom glass shower screen installed in your home.

Measure Twice Cut Once – Professional Installation

When having a shower screen installed in your home the last thing you want is to find out at the last minute your measurements are incorrect and that you need to have the glass recut to suit more accurate dimensions.

As well as this you want to ensure your frameless shower screen is installed properly and safely.

Artform provides the full frameless shower screen installation service from measuring your space, consulting with you about the best hardware and glass style to opt for, through to the professional installation of your custom frameless shower screen by our qualified glaziers.

Come into our showroom today, shoot us an email, or call our friendly team to find out what is possible in your bathroom.

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