Coloured Wall Glass

Why should your kitchen look great and be easy to clean whilst your bathroom looks and feels tired and outdated with tiles? Tired of cleaning grout lines? Want to make you bathroom appear bigger and more sophisticated? Painted or printed wall glass is the solution! The feeling of depth, space and light emanating from these reflective surfaces does an amazing job freshening up the look of your bathroom space. Dirty, hard-to-clean tile grout is a thing of the past as all glass pieces are easily adhered to any surface and sealed off with sanitary-grade silicone.

Coloured Wall Glass, A simplistic alternative to tiles

Coloured wall glass has so many uses, it’s almost endless – bathrooms, laundries, foyers, feature walls, office areas and elevators, anywhere you want a great, clean, reflective surface that can be as bold or as subtle as you like. Glass can be easily applied to existing plasterboard, MDF, tiles, fibre boards or any flat surface that is free from protrusions. Artform takes customer safety seriously, especially in a wet area like a bathroom. Therefore, we comply with all Australian Safety Standards, in both manufacturing and installation.

Lots of samples and examples on display

The seamless combination of bespoke painted wall glass with customised mirrors looks stunning and is extremely versatile. As all pieces are customised to suit the shape of your walls, these pieces are tailored with an overall vision to create a beautiful, elegant, easy-to-clean space that feels more like a bathroom palace! Come into Artform’s showroom and see all our samples and examples on display and chat to our friendly colour consultants and glaziers about your next project.

Glass Products Gallery

No More Guess Work

Afraid to make the wrong call with your glass decisions?

Artform Collective is different to most glass suppliers; we have a massive showroom open six days a week, with designers and glaziers on hand, ready to give you colour, design and compliance advice. What’s more, large samples are available for all our customers to try at home. See what that colour really looks like in the nighttime and daylight in your kitchen. Just pop in and visit us. Meantime, why not use our Colour Sampler to see how some of the amazing colours we have look in-situ?

Coloured Wall Glass FAQ

All colours, including metallic. We can have a colour match from any commercial paint colour.

Yes, we install and can help you choose your colour.

The painted wall glass is done by speciality painters to your colour specification. The printed wall glass has a digital image printed at speciality printers to withstand the elements of a kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

Painted wall glass is cut to size with minimum joins and comes in large sizes. It’s suitable for foyers, glass lift wells, kitchens or bathrooms.

Yes, we do. We use acid-etched glass to reduce reflection creating a matte surface.