Glass And Picture Frame Repair

At Artform, we do much more than just custom-made framing. Often we see clients that have artworks that have fallen off the wall, have been kept in storage, or have been damaged in transit, and just needs some simple repair work. Replacing broken glass is a breeze and a relatively inexpensive task that can help bring your cherished artwork or photo back to life.

No job too small

Maybe your existing frame is damaged, the glass is broken or creating too much glare in its sunny, exposed spot. Bring it into our showroom so we can assess how to remedy the situation. Plain glass can simply be changed to a non-reflective or UV-tolerant glass to make artwork easier to view and prevent further fading. Matboards can also fade over time. If you love the existing frame, you’ll be amazed what a difference a fresh matboard can make. Technologies have evolved over time; old acidic matboards that now have yellow cores or backboards made of MDF or masonite need to be updated with acid-free products to freshen up the picture and slow down any damage that’s already begun.

Little jobs that have a big impact on your piece

Occasionally, your frame has been damaged and needs rejoining or touching up or it has been kept in storage, where creepy crawlies, dirt, dust or moisture has accumulated over time, especially beneath the glass. Usually, just by looking at the item, we will be able to assess whether a simple clean would be sufficient or if the artwork needs to be sent to a professional art restorer that we have been in partnership with for over 20 years. Either way, Artform is happy to help complete little jobs such as these that make a huge difference to your beloved piece.

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Let Us Worry About The Details

Why struggle with measurements, artwork and mirror placement or heavy lifting? Do you want to avoid the usual disagreements in your home? Let one of our experienced tradespeople handle the installation of your framing and mirrors. We’ll bring all the necessary fittings, and we’ll even take care of the mess. Find out why choosing Artform Collective will make a huge difference to your renovation – big or small.