Colour Accents: Part I

A colour reminiscent of nature, life and energy, add green to any space to invigorate and stimulate. From fresh lime, to soothing sage, green colour accents will lift and bring a sense of calm to any kitchen.

Working with Mirror

Recently we fitted out The Crazy Donkey in Dee Why with a bronze tint mirror wall, with an added framed mirror on top. Simple mirror accents and features can really create depth and atmosphere to just about any space. Bronze tint or grey tint mirrors will help soften the reflection, for a more relaxed ambience. A brown timber frame will mediate […]

Alternative Shapes

A unique play on textures and shape; We particularly enjoyed putting the finishing touches on this bathroom. Our rectangular fixed panel and door perfectly contrasted the curved shower recess, with dark brass square fittings at the same time contrasting the hexagonal tiling. Round shapes are naturally calming, so why not try something outside the square […]

Minimalist in Monochrome

A timeless classic, a monochrome kitchen provides the perfect backdrop to accent colours or soft accessories. Sleek and elegant, crisp white will bring a sharpness to your kitchen, with the black glass yielding a deep reflection. Add soft touches for a perennial kitchen that feels like home.

~Phase Glass~

We do a lot of glass work in the Pittwater area, and our glaziers have found that phase glass is the perfect compliment to a water front home. Keep the seaside feel with calming waves, teamed with a subtle and elegant neutral colour. In this home, phase glass was used behind the cook-top, as well […]

Minimizing Fixtures for Maximum Impact

Single fixed panel shower screens are a great way of creating a streamlined, contemporary look in any bathroom. Vertical and horizontal lines are balanced perfectly in this space, with a minimal amount of mechanical fixtures and fittings, producing a de-cluttered bathroom with just the right amount character. Note the round shower head and mixer to […]