Renovating Your Bathroom with a Frameless Shower Screen

An Easy Way to Add Value to Your Home

Looking for a way to change or renovate your current bathroom while adding long-term value to your home along the way? 

A custom-made frameless shower screen built to your bathroom’s unique specifications ensures a perfect fit (even in the wonkiest, tightest space) and helps to create your own clean, sleek bathroom design. There’s a frameless shower screen built to Australian Glass Standards to suit most bathrooms.

Some questions to ask yourself when considering a frameless shower screen:

  • Does my bathroom need more light? 
  • Why is a custom frameless shower screen far superior to any mass-manufactured ‘bought at standard’ size and shape?
  • Should I update my bathroom using a contemporary glass style and what style should that be?
  • Do I prefer an uncluttered bathroom style with no hard frames or sightlines?
  • Is privacy a factor – should opaque glass or even patterned glass be used?
  • Do I want a low cleaning, practical shower screen?
  • What sort of glass would I like? Clear, low iron, acid etched or patterned?
  • Do I have, or will I in the future have disability needs that require no hobs to wheel or trip over, or will I need extra space for access?

Let’s discuss these in more depth:

1. Frameless shower screens allow light in

A shower curtain makes your bathroom dark and keeps it wet. As frameless shower screens are all glass, they allow your eye to roam through the whole bathroom seamlessly, showcasing your décor whether it’s fabulous tiles, hinges, tapware or a specially made glass splashback as some bathroom artwork! More light and air equal less chance of mould and a seamless look to your bathroom renovation.

2. Custom frameless shower screens are specially made to fit your space

No house is ever square, so having a screen specifically made to perfectly fit your bathroom space (as opposed to an off-the-shelf 8mm one-size-fits-all which has to be forced to fit) will ensure high quality, thicker (therefore safer) 10mm toughened glass. Your frameless shower screen glass door should open well with the hinges and brackets made from the highest quality materials.

There’s a clever ‘trick of the eye’ for step-in bath/showers too: A customised fixed pane of toughened shower screen glass affixed to the wall by hinges that will make it look as though it’s seamlessly sitting on the edge of your bath. It’s a neat way to allow light in while streamlining your eye so you don’t notice it within your bathroom like you would a shower curtain.

3. Updating your bathroom using a curved or arched fixed panel glass to achieve a contemporary look

This uninterrupted view through a frameless shower screen glass complements any bathroom. Whether it’s the cutting-edge design of a fixed panel with a curved or taller arched glass edge or the more usual straight-edged panels; the fact that the eyes aren’t interrupted with a metal frame, allows for maximum light along with a modern sleek look.

4. Adding Your Own Style

There are lots of frameless shower screen styles – from sliding doors, bi-folds, a normal door, no door (walk-in), to different colours of hinges and doorknobs: black, brass, silver, brushed nickel, brushed brass and so on; you can choose what tapware suits your style and bathroom.

5. Is Privacy A Factor? Use Different Toughened Glass Types

Opaque glass (using sealed sandblasting) is great for any privacy needs – it may only be needed in a specified section of your glass panel, rising to the height of privacy required; or there are pressed-style patterned glass options that are opaque.

6. Low cleaning practical shower screens

Everyone agrees a frameless shower screen is much easier to keep clean of soap scum and bacteria, therefore more hygienic. No more mould or scum build-up stuck in the metal frames or treads wobbling loose over time.

7. Frameless shower screens can help meet disability needs

Smart, contemporary looks can still be achieved if there are aged and/or disability needs. 

Choose the style of the glass door to best suit the need:

  • wider than usual
  • perhaps no door
  • ensure the door opens outwards 
  • a sliding door (known as sliders)

Adding a frameless shower screen to your next bathroom to optimise the light while adding a sleek, contemporary look adds value to any home. You just have to get out there and choose it and let the light shine in!

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